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Birth name: Leonid Chizhik
Born: 1.11.47

Start with a solid base of swing, add a heap of technique, spice it with a dash of romantic spirit, blend together with free creative abandon, and you get Leonid Chizhik, master improviser and giant of Soviet jazz piano" (Keyboard - BD). "Jazz is for me, a way of thinking, which allows the artist to react to the foreverchanging world. The world of sounds, the universe of music, unconstrained by the typical styles of jazz like swing, bebop, mainstream etc. or classical music, folk, av-antgarde, pop or rock - everything we hear around us, express the birth of a new unifying language, which allows me or other musicians to communicate with everyone. It is Jazz? (L.Chizhik)

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Leonid Chizhik - Spirit of moon, from concert: La Roque d'Anthéron, 2002 [first 3:46]

Leonid Chizhik - Blues, from interview to Gennady Rovner, episode 3, 2020

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