Michel Petrucciani transcriptions

Birth name: Michel Petrucciani
Born: 28 December 1962
Origin: Orange, Vaucluse, France

Died: 6 January, 1999 (aged 36)

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Petrucciani’s style is most frequently compared to Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett for his lyricism and Oscar Peterson for his virtuosity. His playing was often quite dramatic, as well as loose and playful in a rhythm section, and gave attention to a strong articulation of the melody. Petrucciani could do anything, and more than most of the best players of the day. He played across the full span of the grand piano’s keyboard and, despite his tiny legs, was able to make full use of the instrument’s pedals – the loud one was of particular importance to him. “I don’t believe in geniuses,” he said. “I believe in hard work. Ever since I was a child I knew what I wanted to do and worked for that. ”I don’t want to get too intellectual about my music. My philosophy is quite simple. For one thing – too much intellectualising is boring. Too much comedy is boring. Too much of anything is boring. We all need to know when to get off, to simply stop.

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Michel Petrucciani / Jim Hall - Beautiful Love, from concert: Power Of Three, 1998

Michel Petrucciani - Besame Mucho / Solo Live / 1999

Michel Petrucciani - Big sur, big on, from album: Oracle's Destiny, 1981

Michel Petrucciani - С Jam Blues, from album: Promenade With Duke, 1997

Michel Petrucciani - Even Mice Dance, from album: Marvellous, 1994

Michel Petrucciani - Home, from album: Solo Live, 1999

Michel Petrucciani - Mike Pee, from album: Oracle's Destiny, 1981

Michel Petrucciani - Rachid, from album: Solo Live, 1999

Michel Petrucciani - September Second, from album: Trio In Tokyo, 1997 [transcribed 00:00-2:34]

Michel Petrucciani - Silence, from album: 100 Hearts, 1984

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