How to buy the transcriptions from us?

american express

1. For transcription request - visit the transcription archive.
2. Listen and choose any transcription(s).
3. Write us the title, musician, format and payment method.
4. Within 24 hours we will reply and provide the price and another payment details for your order.

How to order a transcribing or typesetting / engraving?

1. Transcribing request. Firstly check our transcription archive. Possibly you will find the transcription to our song / piece. If don't find, send us the link or audio of your request. We will provide the quote and terms specially for your order.

2. Typesetting / engraving notation. Send us our request in PDF, TIFF or another format. We will provide the quote and terms specially for your order.

What is the price?

The price for transcription (1 pcs) from transcription archive:

Transposing to any key from transcription archive: $10

Type Price
PDF (bitmap) $ 50.00
PDF (vector) $ 150.00
MIDI (type 0) $ 50.00
MIDI (type 1) $ 150.00
SIB $ 150.00
MUS $ 150.00
MUSX $ 150.00
MXL $ 150.00
XML $ 150.00
PS $ 150.00
SVG $ 150.00
EPS $ 150.00

What payment methods do you accept?

american express master card bitcoin visa maestro western union

For payment we provide the link by email - just contact us.

Payment via PayPal at the moment not available by some reason.

How long delivery?

All orders we send in digital formats by e-mail.


Delivery usually takes 24 hours from payment.

Do you provide a discount for several transcriptions?


Here you can calculate a discount for any format from transcription archive.

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